COVID19 Information

This temporary page will be used to post up to date information and useful links to enable us to inform and update our community as we work through the challenges we all face. Alongside information related to or influenced by measures in place due to Coronavirus, we continue to use our permanent pages as normal (i.e. Curriculum for remote learning).

Some useful links to the various guidance and information for parents can be found here:

Stay at Home Guidance for Families

What parents need to know

What is a Critical Worker? 

Supporting children learning at home

Keeping children safe online

The NHS Guidance links below will help in understanding the various responses that we should follow:

NHS Guidance for Parents

NHS Letter to Parents

Below are some of the key documents and letters concerned.

Page Downloads Date  
Arrangements Letter for Pupil Return 202... 03rd Mar 2021 Download
Upton Primary Pupils Safety Guidance Mar... 03rd Mar 2021 Download
Return to School Letter CORRECTION 03 09... 08th Sep 2021 Download
Upton Contingency Plan October 2021 07th Dec 2021 Download