Ethos & Values

Our School Motto

Learn and Believe. Aspire and Achieve.

Our Values

  • Self-Belief

  • Happiness

  • Aspiration

  • Achievement

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

Our Ethos and Values

Upton is a school embracing the challenges of learning in a realistic but innovative way. We are striving to continually improve the curriculum in a creative way, improving the teaching and learning for our pupils and enriching the environment.

Upton School aims to provide a secure, happy and welcoming environment for pupils, staff, parents and visitors alike. Also, to establish and maintain good channels of communication amongst the pupils and between school, parents, visitors and the community.

We aim to provide, irrespective of gender or ability, ethnicity or social circumstances, a broad and balanced education and access to the whole educational experience by stimulating pupils’ interest, developing their potential and offering as wide a variety of experiences as are appropriate and available.

As part of our pupils’ broader education we aim to develop personal and moral values, including respect for other people, property, honesty and a respect for religious and cultural  beliefs. Pupils learn to have an understanding of how their actions may affect others. Alongside this, we aim to develop the children’s understanding and appreciation of the multi-cultural society in which we live and to develop their tolerance for other races, religions and ways of life.

We encourage our pupils to develop the ability to exercise a degree of responsibility and initiative, to participate in the school community and to work successfully in groups.

We aim to develop independent and enquiring minds with the ability to question, discuss and argue rationally, to make informed decisions and apply themselves effectively to tasks.

Throughout their time at Upton School we encourage pupils to value education for its own sake and acquire the skills and enthusiasm to view education as a lifelong process.

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Posted on: 22/02/2021

Staying Safe Online

Dear Parents and Carers, At a time when our children are increasingly using and exposed to online material, we would like to take the opportunity to offer some guidance and resources to check that your child is safely protected from any adverse experiences whilst online. The following site may prove helpful in both identifying potential dangers and considering actions that we as parents can take to safeguard our children. This is particularly important for older children who use the internet independently. The UK Safer Internet Centre can be accessed using the following link: Although not described on this website, we are increasingly aware of the need to protect our children against the dangers of harmful online challenges and online hoaxes. These are designed to encourage or influence children to take a challenge that could be dangerous or harmful (dares etc.). While many of these will be safe and fun, especially if done as a family such as the ice bucket challenge, others may be potentially harmful. As parents and carers we can help our children to learn to develop positive and empowering online behaviours, such as critical thinking, how and where to report concerns about harmful content and how to block content and users. For more information on staying safe online, please go to the Information tab and visit the E-Safety page of this website. Written by Mark OldfieldRead more