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Posted on: 27/11/2019

Parent Workshops

Parent Workshops: Supporting children at home.

This term we have held several workshops for parents focussing on how to support your child when learning at home.

The first workshops were aimed at parents of children in KS1 and focussed on how parents can support reading through phonics. We looked at how we can apply phonics during reading sessions and how we can play games with words to help children build up their vocabulary banks. 

We have also offered some advive around supporting behaviour and attitudes at home, considering some strategies to support children when, from time to time, they may struggle.

We are keen to run future sessions with parents and children together to give everyone a chance to apply the skills covered and have several future events already planned. We have also surveyed the parent community and will be using this valuable feedback to plan our future outreach.

Written by Mark Oldfield