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At Upton Primary school we believe that every child deserves a big future. Together, we aim to teach our children that they can achieve their very best in everything they do and that hard work and determination are the keys to success in life. We encourage one another to understand that diversity is to be celebrated both on our doorstep and beyond and that our community and future is firmly built on the values that we have chosen.

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  • test Posted On: 23/23/18 PE trip to the copper box arena to watch the table tennis World Cup. A reward for the children's efforts and behaviour in PE last term Read more
  • test Posted On: 06/6/18 Well done to our year 6 children at the basketball competition tonight at erith secondary school. Some excellent skills and teamwork shown. Read more
  • test Posted On: 01/1/18 Year 3 dodgeball today at . Very successful tournament and we finished runners up in the competition. Thanks to for hosting us! Read more
  • test Posted On: 21/21/18 Early Years had great fun learning through their core text, 'Stick Man'. Read more
  • test Posted On: 19/19/18 👏👏thank you Upton PA !! Sponsored bounce day raising money for the school. castles#refreshments-after Read more