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We have taken the decision to remain closed on Friday 2nd March due to the combination of weather forecast, travel risks, staffing levels and freezing temperatures. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused and also our thanks for bearing with us at this challenging time. We look forward to seeing the children return on Monday morning as usual.

Please check the Opencheck link on the Information page for updates over the weekend.


At Upton Primary school we believe that every child deserves a big future. Together, we aim to teach our children that they can achieve their very best in everything they do and that hard work and determination are the keys to success in life. We encourage one another to understand that diversity is to be celebrated both on our doorstep and beyond and that our community and future is firmly built on the values that we have chosen.

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  • Posted On: 17/04/18 This morning in Nursery 🐝class I am learning my number bonds to 10. How amazing is that and I’m only 4years old 🙊 Read more
  • Posted On: 26/03/18 100% attendance in butterfly class, so we got the celebration bear and we got prizes 👍 Read more
  • Posted On: 23/03/18 Early Years gang singing Easter songs for their visitors. Their voices and hats are amazing, well done 🐰🐥🐰👏👏 Read more