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At Upton Primary school we believe that every child deserves a big future. Together, we aim to teach our children that they can achieve their very best in everything they do and that hard work and determination are the keys to success in life. We encourage one another to understand that diversity is to be celebrated both on our doorstep and beyond and that our community and future is firmly built on the values that we have chosen.

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  • Posted On: 19/10/17 More... Year 6 painted reproductions of WW2 propaganda posters Read more
  • Posted On: 19/10/17 Year 6 painted reproductions of WW2 propaganda posters. Read more
  • Posted On: 11/10/17 Recruiting now! Read more
  • Posted On: 10/10/17 Wear yellow to support & raise money for young minds with mental health difficulties. Read more
  • Posted On: 07/10/17 we would like say a warm welcome to our new Sports coach Connor. ideas#helping to keep our Children fit &healthy . 🥅👍 Read more