Value Points

Dsc 0021

Children can earn value points for showing any of our six core values:

Achievement, Aspiration, Respect, Responsibility, Self-Belief and Happiness.

We are looking to see them working hard, achieving their best, being kind and caring, respecting themselves and others and looking after everything in our school.

They are responsible for recording their value points on the weekly class chart - will they be the Star of the Week?

Each week their points are all added to their Team points (Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple) and the trophy is for the winning team is awarded in our Achievement assembly.


The children have a target of reaching 50 achievement value points.

Achievement value points are awarded by adults for achievement in their learning and the progress that they make. A lot of this will be seen in their books, daily work and homework.

Achievement value points are also counted towards the team total and towards winning Star of the Week, a triple reward!

Every time a child achieves 10 points they can go to see their phase leader.

When they reach their goal of 50 points we will award them an Achievement Award in our assembly.