In July 2017 Ofsted Inspectors judged the school to be outstanding in all areas.

Upton Primary School - OFTSED Report 2017

The following key findings show both the strengths of the school and also what we need to do to continue to provide an outstanding education for our children.

This is an outstanding school because:

  • Senior leaders and governors work exceptionally well together to create a vibrant, caring, hard-working climate for learning across the school. The headteacher’s calm, thoughtful and decisive leadership helps other leaders to thrive and be successful in their roles. The school has improved rapidly since the previous inspection. Teaching, learning and assessment has improved significantly resulting in outcomes for pupils which are now outstanding.

  • Pupils’ behaviour is outstanding. They learn and play together extremely well and are able to recognise and celebrate their similarities and differences. Pupils ‘live’ the school values of tolerance and respect. They are confident, caring, friendly young British citizens.

  • Teachers plan interesting lessons and create a stunning learning environment around the school, which pupils benefit from and are proud of. Teachers provide precise guidance to pupils to help them improve their work.

  • Children in the early years provision benefit from a wonderful start to their education. They make excellent progress from their starting points and a very high proportion of them achieve a good overall level of development.

  • Leaders and teachers have ensured a sharp focus on checking pupils’ progress regularly and systematically. As a result, past differences between the achievement of disadvantaged pupils and others are diminishing rapidly in all year groups.

  • Pupils’ outcomes in reading, writing and mathematics were above the national average for all pupils in 2016. Provisional outcomes for 2017 show improvements on these results. Leaders and governors have used additional funding for disadvantaged pupils very well. Their attainment in reading, writing and mathematics in 2017 is expected to be well above last year’s national average for all pupils.

  • The absolute priority of all staff in the school is to keep children safe and to ensure their well- being. As one parent put it, ‘the best thing about this school is that the children are so happy’. Parents are very positive about the work of the school.

  • Teachers and support staff demonstrate excellent subject knowledge in all subjects taught. However, the progress that pupils make in science is not consistently strong in all year groups.

  • Pupils would benefit from further opportunities to apply their reading, writing and mathematics skills in all subjects across the curriculum.

What does the school need to do to improve further:

Strengthen outcomes further by supporting pupils in all year groups to:

  • apply their literacy and mathematics skills consistently across the curriculum

  • make strong and sustained progress in their science work

If any families are interested in learning more about what an OFSTED category means, and the inspection process, click on the link here: http://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/about-our-inspection-reports

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Posted on: 22/02/2021

Staying Safe Online

Dear Parents and Carers, At a time when our children are increasingly using and exposed to online material, we would like to take the opportunity to offer some guidance and resources to check that your child is safely protected from any adverse experiences whilst online. The following site may prove helpful in both identifying potential dangers and considering actions that we as parents can take to safeguard our children. This is particularly important for older children who use the internet independently. The UK Safer Internet Centre can be accessed using the following link: https://www.saferinternet.org.uk/advice-centre/parents-and-carers Although not described on this website, we are increasingly aware of the need to protect our children against the dangers of harmful online challenges and online hoaxes. These are designed to encourage or influence children to take a challenge that could be dangerous or harmful (dares etc.). While many of these will be safe and fun, especially if done as a family such as the ice bucket challenge, others may be potentially harmful. As parents and carers we can help our children to learn to develop positive and empowering online behaviours, such as critical thinking, how and where to report concerns about harmful content and how to block content and users. For more information on staying safe online, please go to the Information tab and visit the E-Safety page of this website. Written by Mark OldfieldRead more