September 2017


Mrs J Leech

Vice Chair

Mrs J Mawer


Mr M Oldfield

Mr B Bhoday

Mr D Seagroatt

Mrs S Bartlett

Mr S Stibbons

Mr A Wilkins 

Reverend T Wyatt

Mr S Husbands

Mr T Gale

Mrs C Thomas

Clerk to the Governors

Mr P Boyd

Governor Profiles

Jo Leech - Chair of Governors

I joined Upton as a Parent Governor after serving at another Bexley Primary and a Harris Academy (Secondary level) in a Community capacity. I hope my previous experience will assist in my role as both a Governor and as Chair, which I became in late 2014.

I became a governor at Upton Primary as a Parent Vacancy became available and I felt it would be good to contribute to the school my own son attends. I feel I can make a positive contribution for my son and his peers and other children in our local community.

I run a communications company which I co-founded back in 2006. We work with politicians and the media on behalf of companies and charities. I use my business and communication skills to assist me in the role as Chair of the Governing Body at Upton.

I regularly attend events on behalf of Upton Primary to assist me and to learn about changes and developments relevant to the school. The role of Chair is very demanding but also hugely rewarding when you know you can help support the school and shape the lives of future generations.

Jane Mawer – Vice Chair of Governors

I was delighted to be voted as Parent Governor in January 2013. As the parent of a child in Year 4, a child who has just left Year 6, and as former Chair of the Parents’ Association, I have been directly involved in the school for many years. I work part time, so am often available at the school and can dedicate time to helping in many ways. Now Vice Chair of the Governing body, I am keen to make a significant contribution to our school’s continuing development.

Bhupinder S Bhoday – Parent Govenor 

I joined Upton as a Parent Governor after serving at two other Bexley primary schools. My son is currently in Year 4.

I work for the Department for Education leading a team to support schools considering academy status, underperforming schools and existing academies. I work with a range of schools, Ofsted inspectors, education professionals and providers.  

With my previous experience and professional knowledge/expertise, I am keen to make a positive difference for the children and support Upton School to continue to achieve and excel.

David Seagroatt – Parent Governor

A father of three children, all of whom attended Upton Primary School with the youngest currently in Year 4, I am aware how important it is to provide a happy and productive educational environment for them. 

As an elected Parent Governor I strive to meet the challenges of this role and hope that my practical and business knowledge coupled with my experience provide a positive contribution to the School’s Governing Body. 

I am always keen to play an active role in supporting the School’s many activities and try to help with the development and progression of the school for the benefit of our children at this very important stage of their lives.

Sloane Bartlett – Parent Governor

Profile coming soon...

Simon Stibbons – Co-opted Governor

I have been looking at ways to contribute to my local community in a meaningful way for a while now and with two small children of my own if felt a natural fit to become a school governor and help to keep standards high at a local school. I was therefore delighted to have been added to the board of Governors at Upton Primary in March 2016.

My background is 18 years of working in a financial advisory role with both KPMG and now Ernst & Young.  I am a qualified accountant (FCCA) and a qualified Insolvency practitioner and have worked with a number of the largest companies and institutions in the UK helping to restructure businesses and government institutions from both a financial and operational perspective. I anticipate being able to use my skillset of being able to quickly identify opportunities for both operational and financial improvement and helping to drive change where required to continue to improve overall performance.

I am greatly looking forward to working alongside the other Governors at Upton and helping to serve the local community as best I can.

Allan Wilkins – Co-opted Governor

The education system is in a state of large transition and facing enduring demands.  Equally the demands on the education system to deliver the next generation of relevant, engaging and capable young people to the UK and international market place has never been greater.

I am therefore proud to have been accepted as a Governor here at Upton and have the opportunity to try and make a difference to the educational journey of your children – some 25+ years after I was a pupil here myself! I approach my role as Governor using my eyes and knowledge as a parent of 2 young children and as a professional.  Our children are our most prized possession, and it is essential our schools can evolve and deliver the opportunities and meet the needs of the children in an efficient and all-encompassing way. I truly believe that anybody can do anything if they have a genuine interest and are given an opportunity. I believe as a Governor and working together we can truly deliver an inspirational outcome to be proud of.

I work for the largest NHS Trust in the UK in a senior role within Clinical Physics & Clinical Engineering and amongst other things am involved with Medical Device Management, R&D, Patient Safety and Clinical Incident Investigation. So I am well acquainted with the immense demands and pressures on service delivery amongst efficiency savings.   However my most challenging job, but most rewarding, is that of being a Dad to my Son and Daughter.

Rev Trevor Wyatt – Co-opted Governor

For the last 18 months I have been Vicar of Christ Church Bexleyheath – a large, busy Parish Church along Bexleyheath Broadway.  Prior to taking this role in the Church, I spent 33 years working in British Telecom where my last job was Director of Voice Engineering where I led a large team of Professional Engineers who designed and built BTs Voice networks round the world. I am also a musician and a proficient pianist, organist and keyboard player. Of recent times I completed a Masters Degree in Ethics, and this is a particular personal interest of mine. I bring to the schools Leadership skills, recent understanding of HR Policies in Employment and Performance Management, Financial Management and Project Management.  For the last year I have been involved as a governor Upton School, and it is a school very close to my heart as I went to the school when I was a boy. In addition to being a governor I also take regular school assemblies at the school as Vicar of Christ Church. I try hard to work collaboratively and effectively with other Governors and members of the Senior team to ensure that we achieve the flourishing of the school.

Stuart Husbands – Co-opted Governor

Profile coming soon...

Tom Gale – Staff Governor

Profile coming soon...

Clare Thomas – Local Authority Governor

I am very pleased to become a governor at Upton. I have lived in Bexleyheath for most of my life and have 2 children (now grown up) who attended local schools. I have some experience of being a governor, having been a parent governor in the past.

Career-wise: I worked in the Department of Conservation and Scientific Research at the British Museum for 33 years, retiring in 2015. I was a Studio Manager and responsible for staff and interns. I specialised in the conservation of archaeological artefacts composed of organic material and also modern plastics, acting as a source of advice on the conservation and care of these objects throughout the museum.

Since retirement: I have been continuing my involvement in heritage by assisting with archaeological excavations locally. I am also very interested in the way humans behave and interact within society and am currently attending a series of courses on Social Anthropology.

I have always had a strong interest in education and I hope that my skills such as management experience, understanding social behaviour and close attention to detail will be beneficial in my role as a governor. I look forward to working together with the other governors for the benefit of all the pupils and staff at Upton Primary School.

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