Who's Who

Staff List for 2017/2018 School Year

Mr M Oldfield Head Teacher
Mrs L Baines Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs N Toledano Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs C Douglas School Business Manager
Early Years  
Miss F Oliphant Art and Design & Technology Leader Nursery
Mrs W Mann Nursery Nurse Nursery
Mrs G Laing Outdoor Learning Leader (maternity leave) EYFS
Miss E Avery NQT Year R
Ms C Convey EYFS Leader - Senior Leader Year R
Key Stage 1
Mrs E Brewster English Leader - Middle Leader (maternity leave) Year 1
Miss S Knowles Associate Maths Leader Year 1
Miss K Gray RE Leader Year 2
Mr S Husbands PE Leader Year 2
Lower Key Stage 2
Mrs D Clarke Associate Science Leader Year 3
Mrs N McKay Science Leader Year 3
Miss T Roostan NQT Year 3
Miss H Hobbs NQT Year 4
Miss L Bain Topic / Curriculum Leader - joint Year 4
Upper Key Stage 2
Mrs L Britten SMSC Leader (maternity leave) KS1 & 2
Miss T Whittington Topic / Curriculum Leader - joint Year 5
Miss L Carmichael KS2 Music Leader Year 5
Mr T Gale Maths Leader - Middle Leader Year 6
Mrs A Robinson Upper KS2 Phase Leader - Senior Leader Year 6
The PAD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder Unit)
Mr I Reed Computing Leader
Mrs H Lovegrove
Mr T Wallace
Mrs L Mentessi
Mrs L Staunton
Mrs J Grace
Teaching Assistants
The Ark (Speech & Language Resource)
Ms C O'Shea KS1 Phase Leader - Senior Leader
Mrs I Stephens KS1 Music Leader
Mrs L Goldsmith Nursery Nurse
Mr C McInally Sports Coach
Administrative Team
Mr M Hepworth Premises Manager
Miss L Hemple School Secretary
Mrs J Hickman Admin Assistant
Teaching Assistants
Mrs T Broad, Mrs E Bygrave, Mrs A Couzins, Mrs L German,  Mrs M Goodman, Mrs J Grover, Mrs S Johnson, Mrs M Judd, Mrs S Kirkpatrick, Ms T Lee, Mrs J Mahon, Mrs K Mills, Mrs K Morris, Mrs Z O’Shaughnessy, Mrs G Stock, Mrs J Uphill, Mrs L Warwick, Ms T Woolford, Ms S Morina, Miss S Lewis
Midday Meals Supervisory Team
Mrs N Bailey, Mrs S Betts, Mrs P Church, Mrs L Colley, Mrs K Giddings, Mrs A Hart, Mrs T Lewis, Ms C O’Shea, Mrs L Roostan, Mrs J Smith, Mrs L Staunton, Mrs A Ozmutlu, Mrs Victoria
(Relief Team – Ms P Brown, Mrs L Harvey, Ms A Mora Cera, Mrs M Stokoe, & Mrs L Preston)