What is e-safety?

E-safety is a term which refers not only the internet but other ways in which young people communicate using electronic media, e.g. social media.  It means ensuring that children and young people are protected and learn to protect themselves from harm and supported to achieve the maximum benefit from new and developing technologies without risk to themselves or others.

To find out more about e-safety please visit the National Crime Agency 'THINK YOU KNOW' site click here

To gain advice from the UK Safer Internet Centre www.saferinternet.org.uk/

To visit the CHILDNET INTERNATIONAL site www.childnet.com

Something on your mind? Or need some support? Any child can write in with their problem. You can also read my advice to people who have similar problems to you. 


We take our shared responsibility to safeguard all children against the potential dangers of social media very seriously and would encourage parents & carers to request our advice should you have concerns. However, we have linked the advice below as a starting point to gain an insight into how best to protect your child in their use of the internet and media sites.

Please look out for our regular parent workshops on helping children to stay safe.

We've attached lots of useful factsheets and information below for you to peruse and share with your  child to ensure that any use of the Internet and digital technology is carried out in a safe and enjoyable way.

Page Downloads Date  
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Factsheet for parents and carers 13th Feb 2018 Download
Conversation starters for parents and ca... 13th Feb 2018 Download
Parent Factsheet on Fornite 17th Jul 2018 Download