MTPs (Medium Term Plans)

At Upton Primary School we provide the children with a curriculum that is based on knowledge, skills and learning that is relevant to the 21st century. It is underpinned with good quality core texts and education that develops the children’s global learning, their place in the world and how they can contribute to it in order to develop their character skills and how they make sense of the world.

Our medium term plans (MTPs) provide the journey of learning we aim to take the children on through a progressive build-up of knowledge, skills, practise and application. A half term’s learning begins with a hook to draw the children in and engage them in their learning and ends with a celebration of learning when the children will publish their work or take part in a planned event relevant to their learning. These documents give an overview of the intended learning for our children, not a rigid timetable of coverage as they are adapted to need and interest.

On our MTPs we highlight opportunities to:

  • develop the children’s learning and links to knowledge of the wider world that they live - in green
  • write at length in other subjects - in yellow
  • apply maths skills in other subjects - in blue

As part of our recovery curriculum, we identify basic key skills for reading, writing and maths that we teach, reinforce and regularly apply – when appropriate – across the whole curriculum.