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We are also working with Challenge Partners to further drive the success of the school. Click here to read our QA Review Report (February 2017).

'We are a charity, owned and led by schools, who work together to lead school improvement. We believe that when schools are working in partnership to continually improve their practice then an excellence education for pupils will be achieved. We are made up of over 300 schools, from all different backgrounds across the country, who recognise that we are stronger together and that collaboration is the key to continued success. We exist to support schools in that role by facilitating constructive collaboration and challenge between them and providing a platform for activities which would not be possible for a school to undertake on its own'.

Together we aspire to become a world class, knowledge sharing community, which leads the way in school improvement and raises the standards of education for all.

Read more about Challenge Partners on our link below:

Visit the Challenge Partners website

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