Learning Environment Statement

Our statement:

Classroom environments both support and enrich the learning of all children.  As well as being vibrant and welcoming, the classroom environment is a learning resource, the second teacher, a way of engaging children and building the class community.  It can create a sense of ownership and be used to support and promote learning, as well as celebrating children’s work.  With careful thought and planning, an effective classroom environment is used as an interactive resource supporting teaching, learning and assessment. 

At Upton Primary School we believe that a well organised and stimulating environment has a direct impact on the quality of teaching and learning, and therefore supports raising standards.  It enables pupils to develop independence as learners, building on good Foundation Stage practice. 

We provide consistent expectations for all pupils in order to support them, whilst challenging them to give their very best.  In this way, we develop a shared sense of what high standards look like. Above all else, our children are taught the purpose of their learning and they work towards applying their knowledge and skills to an intended outcome, such as a piece of published writing, artwork, performance etc. We are proud of the children’s work and we are actively building a culture of high-quality display throughout the school.

Published outcomes

See the images below for a small selection of our children's published display outcomes.