Breakfast Club


Time: 7:30 am -8:40 am, Mon-Fri (enter through the green gate)

Cost: £8 per session (please make cheques payable to brekkie@upton)


7:30 Children begin arriving
7:30-8:00 Free play
8:00-8:20 Breakfast (see menu below)
8:20-8:35 Free play
8:35 Tidy up time
8:40 Children leave breakfast club and walk to their class

Breakfast Menu

  • Apple/Orange Juice
  • Water
  • Selection of cereals
  • Toast with a selection of jams, marmalade and honey
  • Selection of yogurts
  • Baked beans on toast*
  • Spaghetti/Mini sausage and beans on toast*
  • Cheese on toast*
  • Fried egg*
  • Boiled egg*
  • Sausage Rolls*
  • Waffles/Chocolate Croissants*

*These items are offered on alternative days

Free Play Activities

  • Drawing materials and colouring pictures
  • Selection of board games
  • Selection of reading books
  • Cards and Top Trumps

For more information please contact Mrs F Ghassemi on:

tel: 07899 901 983

Click on the link below to download the application form.