“Handwriting is a tool that has to work. It must be comfortable, fast and legible.”Angela Webb, Chair, National Handwriting Association


Our school handwriting style has been developed to help children to learn to write with fluency and accuracy, and is taught and modelled consistently throughout the school. It is available as a model to children in every classroom. 

Children in the EYFS begin to write, first forming the letter shapes while making the phonetic connections to the letter sounds. They then gradually progress through the journey of writing to joining the cursive script into fully joined words.


As a school our aims in teaching handwriting are that the pupils will:

  • Learn the conventional ways of forming letter shapes, both lower case and capitals.
  • Understand the importance of clear presentation in order to communicate meaning.
  • Take pride in the presentation of work, developing handwriting with a sense of enjoyment and achievement.
  • Be able to write quickly to aid expressing themselves creatively and imaginatively across the curriculum and for a range of purposes.
  • Use their skills with confidence in real life situations.
  • Develop a fluent, comfortable, legible, joined handwriting style.


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