We believe strongly in rewarding all children at Upton and this is absolutely crucial in our approach to positive behaviour for learning. We have developed a rewards system throughout EYFS, key stages one and two. Children are awarded ‘dojo points’ for their effort, achievement, behaviour and attitude. Weekly class winners who earn the most points are awarded the Star of the Week award and all points are awarded contribute to a weekly winning team trophy (red, purple, blue, green & yellow team).  At the end of each half term, the child in each class with the most dojo points receives a certificate in the termly awards assemblies which parents and carers are invited to attend.  The term's team point winners receive a non-school uniform day the first week back in the new term.

To encourage all children to engage in meaningful learning, we have linked our rewards system to Achievement Points, therefore enabling children to earn these from the hard work and effort they put into each piece of work. We also nominate a termly Progress Award winner from each class in recognition of their learning development.   Once again, parents and carers of these award winners are invited to attend a special awards assembly.

Finally, we place immense importance on good attendance at school and we celebrate this with weekly class attendance winners and termly individual awards, as well as annual 100% attendance winners.

Our belief is that all children should be encouraged, praised and rewarded for doing the many things that are asked of them at school. Their love of learning and their value of education is crucial to their future choices.

When children make the wrong choices in their behaviour and attitude, fair and clear sanctions will be given in line with our behaviour policy, alongside an opportunity to discuss and put right that which has gone wrong. This restorative approach teaches responsibility for their own actions, acceptance of mistakes that others make and allows children a chance to learn that there are consequences for all actions. Please help us to reinforce both positive rewards and to address any disappointing behaviour in your conversations at home.


'Pupils’ behaviour is outstanding. They learn and play together extremely well and are able to recognise and celebrate their similarities and differences. Pupils ‘live’ the school’s values of tolerance and respect. They are confident, caring, friendly young British citizens.'

Ofsted Report July 2017